The Cichlid Club of York PA

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            Join us September 27 at 1pm for the
              2nd CCY Clash of the Cichlids Show

Tips from one of the CCY Judges Matt Quinn!!
Some tips on selecting and preparing your fish for the show:
1) A good show fish should be as close as possible to an ideal representative of its species: full adult size, appropriate color, finnage and deportment
2) Nearly ideal, common, brown fish should score higher than less ideal fish, even if they're colorful or fancy. Each fish is judges on its own merits, so do think that only colorful or rare fish will win!
3) Split fins, missing scales, scars, etc. give cichlids character but are deficiencies in fish shows.
4) Start conditioning your fish now: do an extra water change or two...feed a little extra...use some Melafix or the like to heal up anything minor. You might even isolate show fish or remove some decorations from their tank to simulate show conditions.
5) Participating is half the fun. You can't win if you don't enter! Enter a fish or two - worst case scenario you get to talk about your fish with fellow entrants!
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the show!

                A look at last years CCY Cichlid Show

                            Thanks to our Sponsors!!!!!