The Cichlid Club of York PA

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Our Members!

If you really enjoy what the CCY does, thank a member! Their small annual membership donation keeps this club rolling! If you aren't a member, please contact us via facebook or better yet, come to one of our meetings. We think you'll be hooked!

William Peragine

Dwayne Walker

Liz Walker

Michael Mull

Charles Bender

Christee Bender

Lauren Farrish

Ryan Farrish

Lisa Hoeber

Kristina Bryson

Clair Klinedinst

John Dickel

Natalie Dickel

David Statt

Joel Antkowiak

Lance Pentzer

Julie Lovell

Greg O’Neil

Eric Meyers

Tonya Kailing

Kurt Johnson

Steve Losch

Dave Weitzel

Steph Weitzel

Matt Skelly

Kerry Dilks

Karen Haas

Alan Rollings

Elizabeth Bonvillain

Chris Gazdick

Justin Holland

Michael Zeller

Wesley Bahnt

Austin Johnson

Glenn Davies

Matt Almony

Brooke Amanda Moore

Lifetime Members

Tom Gillooly

Scott McLaughlin

   to the CCY Club                         House

50 North East St, Spring Grove PA 17362