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The Cichlid Club of York 

Located in Central Pennsylvania

A love for the hobby and

the growth of the hobbyist

January 2022 Fish Swap

CCY Christmas Party!

A Little DIY


Aquascape Demonstration

Please check out our sponsors at the bottom of this page. Thanks to the sponsors for all their support!

CCY: Champs of the 2017 Keystone Clash!

Congrats to us! After many years, the CCY won the overall top trophy at the 2017 Keystone Clash!

CCY Helps!

Introducing: CCY Helps

We really care about our community and the people who live in it. CCY Helps is our effort to aid and assist charities that are near & dear to our members’ hearts. We do this several ways. Donations through raffles at club events or actually helping out in other ways (like setting up a fish tank).

In February and March we raised $$$ for Dave Weitzel’s favorite charity:

St. Baldricks Foundation, which supports childhood cancer research.

Dave has promised to have his head shaved if he met his donation goal.

We raffled an Oceanic Evolve 4 Set-Up & tons of supplies and fish food and raised $382. So needless to say, Dave has met his donation goal & will getting his head shaved on March 25th!

 CCY Auction News!!!

CCY Auction Rules

   CCY Newsletter  

Click here for our latest CCY newsletter!


to the CCY Club


What are people saying about the CCY??

"Back in April I saw an add for Cichlid club meetings. I thought "how cool, we love fish" and encouraged my fiancee to attend. Much to my surprise I came home from work and found..."


Proud CCY member

"Only sorry I missed two things this year.....the CCY anniversary party and the powerball lottery."

Chuck Davis


Raising Fry - Dean Tweedale

Thanks to our Sponsors!!!!!

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