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The Cichlid Club of York 

Located in Central Pennsylvania

A love for the hobby and

the growth of the hobbyist

Feed Your Fish with Healthy Homemade!

Scientifically Speaking

Keeping Fish Outside this Summer???

Native Fish​

Filters 101

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CCY: Champs of the 2022 Keystone Clash!

Congrats to us! After 5 years since the last time we won in 2017, the CCY won the overall top trophy again at the 2022 Keystone Clash! 

 CCY Auction News!!!

CCY Auction Rules

   CCY Newsletter  

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to the CCY Club House

What are people saying about the CCY??

"Back in April I saw an add for Cichlid club meetings. I thought "how cool, we love fish" and encouraged my fiancee to attend. Much to my surprise I came home from work and found..."


Proud CCY member

"Only sorry I missed two things this year.....the CCY anniversary party and the powerball lottery."

Chuck Davis


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