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The Cichlid Club of York 

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The Cichlid Club of York Photo Page

Christina's Malawi Tank

Metriaclima Cyneusmarginatus Nkhomo Reef

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Metriaclima Cyneusmarginatus Nkhomo Reef
I have 6 juvies in my 75 gal right now. These are a rare Malawi species
Posted by Christina on February 18, 2013 Full Size|

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Reply Bill
10:21 PM on July 17, 2013 
That?s disappointing to hear about the Rusty's. The one in your picture looks great though. Did you get them from Jay? I hear lots of good things about them in online forums. I really like the look of Hara?s. How are they, not too aggressive? Jay has 7 Hara?s and 51 Metriaclima Cyneusmarginatus, so getting a good male/ female ratio will be easy for them. I know I like th look of the Hara. So are the Cyneusmarginatus that shy that they hide, or just small in a tank of adults? I wanted a blue and yellow tank, but thought a flash of purple might be nice too. Maybe a trio of Rusty if at all.
Reply Christina
7:59 PM on July 17, 2013 
The Rusty's (Iodotropheus sprengerae) are not bad, however, I personally don't care all that much for them. I purchased them thinking they would get that beautiful blue/purple color as well as the rust color. I was wrong, only one of the three I have colored up that way. If I were you I think I would replace the rusty's with the Pseudotropheus Williamsi North Orange. Jay at CAS has these as well, they are another rare breed and are extremely attractive if you ask me.

As for their size, right now they are at about 2.5" they are not very large and I don't see them all that much as they like to hide in the rocks. My Hara's are about 3-4" and are out alot, rusty's are out as well.
Reply Bill
7:26 PM on July 17, 2013 
Thanks for responding! I love our pictures!
I saw the same description at CAS and did a websearch but wasn?t getting much info about them. I did find few pictures, and an interesting website of data. That they look like the White Top Hara is a great thing and why I was considering them, plus to have a rare species is a bonus. I was going to do a blue and yellow tank with Haras and Labs. After seeing your pictures I thought having Rusty?s would be really nice. I was not sure how Cyneusmarginatus or Hara?s would interact with Rusty?s, but if you are not having problems I will probably do 3 species in my 55 gallon setup: Yellow Labs, the Metriaclima Cyneusmarginatus Nkhomo Reef, and Rusty?s.
My tank is still cycling and I?m getting antsy. I'm two weeks in at this point and the nitrite levels are just tonight looking like they might be declining. I used Dr. Tim's One and Only bacteria to help expedite the process. It worked out; my ammonia levels were zero after a few days.
Any further info on their behavior would be great. How big are they now after six months? Thanks again for the response.
Reply Christina
6:09 PM on July 17, 2013 
Metriaclima Cyneusmarginatus Nkhomo Reef is a rare fish in the hobby, imported by Laif DeMason in April 2008. Males are light blue with brown stripes and have gold on their lower body and fins. A few males show black rather than brown stripes. Females are light blue with faint stripes. Some females can turn more dark blue. These fish are easy to breed and have a nice temperment. Like most mbuna they can be difficult to sex at a young age. Males may not show full color and egg spots until they reach 2.5-3". They are a rather calm mbuna and mix well with a lot of other African Cichlids.

I do not have any more current pictures of them but I can get some for you soon now that I have a tank set up specifically to take pictures. The males are very pretty and resemble a male White top Hara only they do not have the black stripes. And the females are a very dark blue.

I have them in a 75 gallon with a assortment of other Mbuna (Rusty's, Hara's, Labs, etc) as well as a pair of Jewel's. I have around 26 fish in the tank and have no problems at all with aggression.
Reply Bill
4:01 PM on July 17, 2013 
Hi Christina, I'm interested in getting these same fish for my 55 with yellow labs, maybe Rustys. Can you tell me more about them? Do you have other pictures that are more current? I've tried research but I find very little on them. I did find a link to a website that has some great info. What are they with in the 75 gallon?