The Cichlid Club of York PA

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CCY Upcoming Speakers & Events

FYI- all meetings in 2019 will be on the 1st Saturday of the month.

-January 1/5/19 Dr Jay Stauffer (Cichlid Diversity)
-February 2/2/19 James Christopher  (Discus or Monster tank)
-March 3/2/19 Joe Chiapetta  (TBD)
-April 4/6/19 Chris Moscarell  (Water Chemistry)
-May 5/4/19 Jessica Bullock  (Dwarf Cichlids)
-June 6/1/19 Dan Radebaugh  (Texas Cichlids)
-July 7/6/19 is our cookout 
-August is no meeting
-September is the Keystone Clash, 9/1319, 9/14/19, &  9/15/19 no club meeting.
-October 10/5/19 Jim Cummings (TBD)
-November 11/2/19 Justin Owens (Transporting fish more than just a bucket)
-December 12/7/19 is our Christmas party

   to the CCY Club                         House

50 North East St, Spring Grove PA 17362