The Cichlid Club of York PA

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CCY Upcoming Speakers & Events

January 2018- William Chance Peragine (Dwarf Cichlids) 

February 2018-  Mark Denaro (Cichlids I hate!)

March 2018- Kelli Wright and Stephen Ponzer (Family Fishkeeping)

April 2018-  Les Wilson 

May 2018- Chris Carpenter (Tanganyikan Shell Dwellers)

June 2018- Scott Mauer

July 2018- CCY cookout

August 2018- no scheduled meeting/event 

September 2018- Keystone Clash 

October 2018- Lisa Hoeber & Matt Quinn-Travels in Uruguay - Experiencing Natural Habitats to Inform Better Aquarium Care

November 2018-  King & Queen Cichlids-The History of the CCY

          November's meeting will be the 2nd Saturday of the month (November 10th) 

December 2018 CCY Christmas party

   to the CCY Club                         House

50 North East St, Spring Grove PA 17362